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antry fighting vehicles; the Clear Sky test for air-defense missile uni??ts; and the Safe Route contest, which requires teams to make their way through a minefield ??and other obstacles??take I


place in Korla, Xinjiang. In coastal Quanzhou, Fujian, a seaborn??e assault contest is being organized by the People's Liberation Army Navy, marking the firs??t time the Chinese Navy has hoste1


d a contest in the Games. Marines from Iran, Russia, Sudan??, Venezuela and China will compete in this event, which consists of an obstacle course, sur??vival trail and relay race. The Games, Q


initiated by the Russian Ministry of Defense in 201??4, currently cover more than 20 professional areas for armies, navies and air forces. With?? the participation of about 30 countries, the iP


nternational influence of the games has incr??eased each year. Many countries and their armed forces want to project strength through th??e platform, said Kong Jun, head of the Seaborne Assaul3

t organization committee 8

  • and commande??r of the PLA Navy Marine Corps. "We hope that through this event we can further improve ou??r mutual understanding and trust, deepen our military cooperation and exchanges, consolidat??e our friendship an3

    • . "We hoi
  • d make even greater contributions to world and regional peace and stabil??ity," said Ding Yi, deputy commander of the PLA Navy. "It is a precious opportunity to tak??e part in this event to compete with my foreign couM

    • ork witi
  • nterparts," said Xu Xiaofei of the Marin??e Corps. "I very much look forward to stepping into the competitive arena and having exchan??ges with them." A staff officer of the PLA Ground Force who asked to be identifiN

    • tation,n


ed as Duan?? said the Suvorov Attack requires teams to drive an infantry fighting vehicle 12 times arou??nd a 4.3-kilometer circular track that has 120 obstacles. They also need to shoot the gun m??ounted oD

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n the vehicle and hit eight targets. The contest tests the preparedness, spirit an??d skills of contestants as well as the capabilities of their equipment, he G

  • said. The Inter??national Army Games were co-organized by China, Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Ar??menia and Iran this year. China has taken part in the games for five years, and hon

    ut p

    d some?? of the contests last year. By ZHANG 4

    YANGFEI/ZHAO LEIBeijing will take further action to safeguard nation??al sovereignty and territorial integrity if Taiwan ??separatists continue to carry out secession activit??ies, a senior maI


    and official warned on Wednesday?? in Beijingp

    following recent military drills in the?? Taiwan Straits. Ma Xiaoguang, spokesman for the S??tate Council Taiwan Affairs Office, spoke in respon??se to a question during a A??Zs conference abo3


    whe??ther "military force for reunification" 5

  • should be e??mployed. "The recent live-fire drills carried out ??by the People's Liberation Army have sent an explic??it and clear message??we aim to pursue peaceful reu??nification with sincez


    y and great efforts, but we?? have the resolv2

    e, the confidence and the ability t??o defeat secessionist attempts in any form, to safe??guard national sovereignty and territorial integrit??y," Ma said. Last week, the PLA Ground Force and 8


    ir Force conducted live-fire exercises and se7

    veral ??training operations in the Taiwan Straits. Ma said?? the drills targeted a "Taiwan independence" force,?? and the government aims for a peaceful and steady ??cross-Straits relationshipp


    d to protect the commo??n interests of peoples

Uygur z

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on both sides of the Straits.?? "It (the live-fire drill) is a warning to the Uni??ted States, to Tsai Ing-wen and Lai Chingte," said ??Wang Hailiang, a researcher of Taiwan studies at th??e Shanghai Academy of Som


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